How do I know when I have tasks assigned to me?

When a TASK has been assigned to you, it will appear in your PERSONAL TASKS or in the relevant menu item e.g. Corrective Actions and you will receive an email either as

1 a COORDINATOR (notification that an audit (an assessment) for a UPRN in your Department (if you are the nominated user to be so notified) has been complete with or without corrective actions)

2 a CONTRACTOR to advise re workflow issues i.e. an assessment has been assigned to you; the audit has been created

3 or a REMEDIATOR where a Coordinator has assigned a corrective action to you to process

What appears in my Personal Tasks?

In your PERSONAL TASKS tab there will be a list of items which you have responsibility for (based on your role and workflow configuration)

COORDINATOR – tasks appearing in Personal Tasks include items referred for review. Note that Corrective Actions generated on an audit do not appear in Personal Tasks as there may be more than 1 Coordinator in a Department. An email is generated to the relevant nominated Coordinator and configured in CoRAS and the corrective actions appear in the CORRECTIVE ACTIONS list for that Department

CONTRACTOR – Personal Tasks includes audits ASSIGNED to a Contractor and ‘ADD DOCUMENTATION NOTES’ the step before finalizing an audit

REMEDIATOR – Personal Tasks includes ASSIGNED TO REMEDIATOr (personally) items